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net*TIMS - Hands-on Telecommunications via LAN/Internet

  • Students control real TIMS hardware from their PC and obtain immediate PC-scope display of the real signals
  • Remote control of hardware via GUI
  • Flexible experiment patching
  • Fault insertion capability for student debugging
  • 24/7 access to real TIMS hardware experiments via browser/client
  • Real-time logging of student experiment progress and access
  • Flexible, fast experiment authoring using TutorTIMS simulation package

net*TIMS allows professors to set-up real TIMS telecommunications experiments in their own laboratory, which students can then access and control from within the lab and at a distance, to carry out the experiments. 

net*TIMS-enabled modules have switches and potentiometers which are remotely controlled via Ethernet. The net*TIMSenabled modules are plugged into a standard Emona TIMS-301 System Unit and are patched to the net*TIMS Server, which is connected to the LAN/Internet via an Ethernet port

The GUI at the user PC mimics the experiment front panels and displays acquired real signals, using a digital 2 channel oscilloscope from 8 different points in the experiment for each channel. 4 trigger points are also available. 

All waveforms can be viewed in both the time and frequency domain. 


A user logs on to the net*TIMS Server using their web browser. 
They receive a JAVA-based client screen, as shown to the right, corresponding to the particular experiment set up on the net*TIMS System. 
The student can simultaneously access other course material provided by the professor and also transfer actual experimental results between the net*TIMS screen and other applications to create Lab reports. 
The user can switch, insert or by-pass hardware modules in the experiment, as set-up by the professor, for multi-stage experiments.


The net*TIMS Server manages a multiuser environment, allowing several students, each at a different location, to be logged onto the same net*TIMS Server and independently carrying out their own session of the same experiment.


The net*TIMS Server provides gatekeeping access and a log of all student activities. The professor can manage the net*TIMS Server from a password protected administration page via their browser.

NEW ! : Remote Project module, build your own circuits

This module enables the user to implement the netTIMS switch and potentiometer remote controls to their own circuits. A variety of switches and pots are included on this module which can be wired into the users custom circuits. The circuits can be implemented on a solderless breadboard, or on the prototyping area of the module.

The netTIMS client front panel includes the controls for the remote devices as well as 3 input/output terminal pairs for connecting this module to other netTIMS modules in the rack. 

A simple example of some circuits is documented in the attached links. As well, a working example of this module with circuits is currently online at the LIVE netTIMS server accessible from this website.  Any number of these modules can be used in your netTIMS system, depending on your curriculum needs, alongside the many other standard netTIMS modules available. 

Click to download » net*TIMS experiments across the internet

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