Product Information

KiBox - Measurement and Evaluation System for Combustion Analysis in Vehicles

The KiBox is a complete combustion analysis system for mobile use on the road under extreme ambient conditions and on engine test benches.


Special advantages of the KiBox To Go

  • No external crank angle encoder required
  • Time-based combustion analysis system
  • Real-time calculation of combustion analysis parameters
  • Limit value monitoring with data storage
  • "Endless Measurement" capable
  • Convenient integration with ETAS INCA®, VECTOR CANape and ATI VISION, or any environment supporting CAN data measurement
  • Measurements and analyses can be configured extremely easily. Any error messages displayed are easy to understand
  • The measurement data is analyzed in the KiBox, avoiding the need for a dedicated PC to be used for combustion analysis
  • Standalone operation without a PC is also possible

The KiBox from Kistler enables the quality of combustion in the individual cylinders. The combustion parameters are conveniently integrated into the application system and synchronized with other measurement data and ECU control parameters via a PC software interface. This software interface is initially available for the widely used INCA® application software produced by ETAS. Alternatively, combustion analysis
parameters can be output via a CAN port.


System Componentscác thành phần của hệ thống

Overview of the complete combustion analysis system:

  1. Cylinder pressure sensors and adapters, e.g. measuring spark plugs or glow plug adapters
  2. Current clamp for injection and ignition timing 
  3. Crank angle adapter for connecting to the stock engine crank position sensor
  4. Gb Ethernet connection to laptop with INCA or similar software
  5. KiBox with amplifier modules



  • Basic system without amplifiers approx. 6 kg
  • Basic system with amplifiers approx. 8 kg max.

Ambient Conditions

  • Temperature range –30 ... 50 ºC (–20 ... 120 ºF)
  • Relative humidity 0 ... 95 % non-condensing
  • Power supply 10 ... 36 VDC, 100 ... 250 VAC
  • Power consumption approx. 60 W


The additional information regarding combustion, fuel injection, and ignition can be used to develop and optimize engine maps within the ECU application system. Alternatively, the KiBox can be used as a standalone system for combustion analysis in vehicles or on a test bench. Combustion diagnostics enable problems that arise in the vehicle on the road to be characterized and resolved efficiently. On engine test benches, the KiBox assists in the basic input of engine control data as well as in knock tuning. Used as a monitoring system, the KiBox detects any limit value violations, reports these to the automation system and saves the raw data along with a pre-event and post-event history. Data streaming enables a complete exhaust or fuel economy drive cycle to be recorded